Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Puppy' s Dream

Image taken from http://frecklescassie.wordpress.com/2007/05/31/puppies-at-the-white-house/

Story behind this short story: In class, we were asked to choose an animal to write a short story on. We had to step into this animal's shoes and pretend to see what they see, feel what they feel, describe their environment the way THEY would describe it from their point of view, etc. I decided to write this short story about what puppies would dream about.....

One night I dreamed a dream that just tickled me pink!

I dreamed that I grew to be as big as my Dad. I could smell and taste delicious meats. I could do almost anything I wanted!

In my dream, a man in a blue suit and hat with a bag full of papers walked up to the front gate. He didn't look too friendly, so I gave him a ferocious bark.

The man jumped back in fright. The loud bark scared memyself. Though of course, I must remember, I have grown up.

A sly grin appeared on my face. I barked again.

The man turned ghostly white. He fumbled with his bag, placed apiece of paper through the gate and ran for his life.

I felt victorious. I took a piece of paper in my mouth and lumbered into the house.

The lady who owned me took it from my mouth and said "Thank you" in her sweet voice.

Later on in the day, a creature with pointy ears and long whiskers sneaked into the yard. I decided to play a little trick. I took a deep breath, and in my most ferocious voice I cried, "WOOF!"

"MEEOOW!" shrieked the creature, and went tearing out of the yard.

I felt very pleased.

Yes, I enjoyed being in the life of a grown-up, but I had to come back to reality, when I woke up to find my mother licking my face.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Frank Twit

Image taken from http://images.google.com.au/imgres?imgurl=http://dukes-lancaster.org/images/prod/twits.jpg&imgrefurl=http://activewiththeactivists.wordpress.com/&usg=__MCuBN3hlaxujurU-Y1rtKl_3rKQ=&h=293&w=341&sz=90&hl=en&start=4&sig2=vq1OWS1GIUqdZS5bQOh6DQ&tbnid=AFjTI_we9BTacM:&tbnh=103&tbnw=120&ei=_BsgSY7MMIy6sAOrxZiuCA&prev=/images%3Fq%3DRoald%2BDahl%2B-%2BThe%2BTwits%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Den

Story behind this short story: Remember the children's book, "The Twits", written by Roald Dahl? If not, here's a web link you can look at to jog your memory: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Twits

Mr and Mrs Twit were one of the most vile, cruel villains that Roald Dahl had ever invented, and in our year 7 class, we were asked to imagine what it would be like if Mr and Mrs Twit ever had a child together. We had to read Roald Dahl's text to take note of how he had described Mr and Mrs Twit and their personalities, and our job was to write about their child in a similar fashion. This was the my result: The "untold" story of their son, Frank Twit.....

There he was, standing all alone on the basketball court. One look at him, and you would literally pass out!

His name was Frank Twit (short for Frankenstein), and he was the smelliest, the most repulsive boy you will EVER meet!

The top of his head held a large mass of thick, messy, scraggly hair. It was also an interesting flourescent green. He explained to us that that was because he shampooed his hair the other day with toxic waste. We found that qutie believeable, because you should have smelled his hair! It smelled like the rotten codfish my Grandma left in the fridge for three years!

He had two black, beady eyes. Whenever Frank would look at you, one eye would seem to look the other way. It had been like that since he was born. He was short-sighted in the other eye, making it impossible for him to see at all.

He had very long ears. They were so long that they drooped down to touch the cement, and if you took a closer look at them, (I do hope you've brought along a paper bag with you), you would be able to see the mounds of orangy-chocolate coloured bits of wax growing inside his ears.

Sometimes, when frank was bored, he would stick his index finger into his ear to take aout a huge blob of wax and start to nibble at it.

"Mmmm," he would murmur, "That WAS delicious!"

Because his ears were full of wax, he couldn't hear anything the teacher said to him.

"What's one plus one?" the teacher would boom.

"Hey?" was Frank's reply.

"What's one plus one?" the teacher would repeat.

"What?!" Frank would shout.

"WHAT'S ONE PLUS ONE!" The teacher would bellow.

"Oh. Three", would be the reply.

Frank's teeth were bright yello and his breath smelled as bad as his hair. Everyone had to wear gas masks whenever he spoke to them!

He wore shabby, torn-up clothing that smelled just as bad. He couldn't help that. Because he was partially blind, he couldn't sew up his own clothes. And he couldn't wash his clothes either. For all we know, he might shove his clothes into the oven by mista,e turn it on to 180 degrees celsius and bake them!

Frank had a pet toad whom he called Wartzit. Wartzit was covered in warts. He had bloodshot eyes, a long yellow tongue and black crokked teeth. He was an eyesore.

He was a very rude little toad. He kept spitting at people whenever they walked past him.

Wartzit had a tribe of fleas all over his amphibious skin, so he kept scratching all the time, which is why is skin was red and swollen.

It was a good thing for him though, because whenever he was feeling hungry, he would stick out his ongue to explore the red and swollen patches and there would always be a nice, juicy flea to nibble on.

Between Frank and Wartzit together, I think they are the two craziest beings I have ever met!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Weeping Willow

Image taken from http://www.answers.com/topic/willow

Story behind this short story: Following on from "creation" myths...... My first year of High School was bascially revision of what we had already learned in 7th Grade, which to me was quite pointless. It did however give us the chance to look at myths and legends again, and we were asked once again to create another original "creation" myth. This time, I decided to write about how the weeping willow tree got its name, and why its leaves appear to droop down in remorse.....

A little boy was walking down the road, when a seed fell from the sky and landed in front of him.

The boy picked up the seed and as he did so, a voice from the sky said, "Plant the seed, young man, and nourish it and take care of it until the day you die".

The boy obeyed and took the seed home and planted it in his back yard. He watered it and gave it plenty of sunshine every day, until it grew into a beautiful tree with golden leaves.

The magnificent golden tree became good friends with the boy, and over the years, their friendship kept growing. They enjoyed each other's company and often ate together and had lively conversations.

As time flew by, the boy grew to be a very old man.

One day, the gold tree waltzed into the old man's bedtroom and gave a cheery "Good morning!"

The man didn't budge.

The tree trid to shake the man awake.

The man still didn't budge.

The tree felt the man's chest. He was cold all over and his heart wasn't beating. Then the tree realized what had happened. His best friend had died overnight.

Feeling very distrought, he began to cry. His tears began to wash away the golden colour of the leaves, and the leaves became a dull green.

Sadly, the tree trudged away and planted its roots back into the ground. Its leaves slowly wilted and began to droop. That is how the willow tree has remained, even to this day.

As for the old man's remains, they turned into seeds and they scattered themselves about the place and planted themselves into the ground. When the seeds started to sprout and began to grow into beautiful trees, their leaves drooped also in sympathy of the tree that had lost his human friend. They became willow trees also.

And that is how the willow tree came to be.

- Raymond Teodo

How the Elephant got his Tusks and How the Cobra got His Hood

Images taken from http://wallpapers.free-review.net/15__Family_Indian_Elephant.htm and http://skinnymoose.com/moosedroppings/2008/05/22/animal-rights-group-maybe-responsible-for-turning-deadly-cobras-loose-in-onslow-county-nc/

Story behind this short story: in 7th Grade, we learned about myths and legends, especially about creation myths (how people created stories to explain why their world was created the way it was, and why things are the way the are). Our task at school was to create an original "creation" myth, and this was the following story I came up with......

Long, long ago, the people and all of the animals lived in the sea, as the continents and the oceans hadn't been made yet. Everyone lived peacefully, until the day the cobra and the elephant came to be created....

Once God had created the elephant and the cobra and set them in the ocean with everything else, He commanded them to take care of all the animals and above all: make sure greed never came between them.

For a while, the elephant and the cobra lived happily and were the best of friends.

But one day, the cobra was swimming along when he spotted a sea cave. Being the curious soul that he was, he slithered into the cae to see what he could find.

To his amazement, he saw eight huge golden balls! They looked so lovely and beautiful. So beautiful in fact, that the cobra just couldn't leave them there. He decided to take theme home and hide them, as he wanted to keep these for himself.

Carrying the eight golden balls in his tail, he slithered along back home. On the way he bumped into elephant.

"What are those?" asked the elephant

"What's what?" replied the cobra.

"Those lovely things that are dangling at the end of your tail", was elephant's reply.

"Oh, nothing", the cobra quickly said.

"They look so beautiful!" cried the elephant, "I want them."

"No!" cried the cobra, "These are mine!"

"But I must have them!"

"No! I found these first!"

"I WANT THEM!!!" screamed the elephant.

A terrible argument followed.

The sound of the elephant and the cobra reached all the way to heaven.

"What's all that noise?" cried God. He decided he ought to go and investigate.

Sure enough, he saw the elephant and the cobra fighting over the eight golden balls.

"ENOUGH!" boomed God, "You have broken the promise of not eing greedy! Now you must pay!"

God waved a finger at the elephant, and the two buck teeth that the elephant had turned into two enormous tusks!

Then, God grabbed one of the eight golden balls and shoved it down the cobra's throat. The golden ball stayed there, and that's how the cobra has got a hood.

With the remaining seven golden balls, God threw them and they landed on all four corners of the Earth, where they transformed and became the seven continents of the world: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

The animals and the people were allowed to move up to the land and there they settled, except for the fish, because they didn't want to leave the sea.

The elephant and the cobra were forced to live in places where the temperature was hot and the climate was harsh. They have lived there ever since.

That is how the elephant got his tusks and how the cobra got his hood.

- Raymond Teodo

November: Story time!

Well, I've had enough with posting my limericks. Now moving on to short stories. Admittedly, I haven't written in a while, so most of the following stories were written when from when I was about 10, to about the age of 13. I hope you enjoy....

P.S. Also, please enjoy the new word games I added! :-)