Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Over...

In a calm and collected manner, she entered the bedroom, carefully closed the door behind her, turned around and announced, “It's over, sweetheart. And... There's something you ought to know...”

“... Ten years ago, we began a relationship together. It was a deep and meaningful and beautiful relationship. It was love at first sight; I loved you and you loved me, and heaven and hell could not separate us. We knew this love could last forever...

… As our relationship blossomed, I took you into my home and introduced you to my family. The children absolutely adored you, especially around Christmastime and on their birthdays, when you would always try to spoil them with ridiculously expensive presents. In exchange for letting you into my home and into my life, you promised to take care of me. You promised me a life of endless wealth, luxury, security and comfort, with no strings attached. Provided I trusted and stood by you, you promised you would be able to provide me with all these things, and more...”


Waves of unfathomable fury began to surge from deep within her, as she continued:

“... I tried so hard to see past the damage that you have caused. I even made excuses for you, believing that one day, somehow, you would follow through on your promises. But the more I placed my trust in you, the more you abused that trust.

“... Have you no heart at all? Can't you see the damage you have caused for me and for my family? taking but not giving anything back in return! You are a leech that has sucked out every bit of human dignity I once had, and you're not even sorry for it!”

Unable to control her seething rage any longer, she blurted, “How could you DO this to me?! Ten years of my life I gave to you, and what do I get in return? I wish you were dead! - I'm going to kill you! I've been contemplating this for months now, I think I will actually do it...

I'm going to kill you slowly and painfully, just as slowly and painfully as you killed me the day I found out about your never-ending lies! By the time I am finished, not even your dental records will be able to identify you, and where your body will be disposed, nobody will ever think to look!...”

“... I've made up my mind, and there is nothing you can do about it! You are going to die!”

And with that, she grabbed the pair of scissors that were lying near the dresser, lunged forward, picked up the cursed CREDIT CARD, and cut it to ribbons.