Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh, Sleepy James!

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Story behind this short story: To be honest, I don't quite remember now why this story was written. All I know is that it is yet another incompleted story of mine, the ending to which you can decide for yourself....

Sleepy James lay still as a log. He had been sleeping like that for hours.

Slowly, he began to arouse from his deep slumber. His eyes were blurred with sleep. His head felt as heavy as an anvil.

"Oh, is it morning already?" he groaned as he checked the clock on his work table.

He slowly lifted his head and threw away the covers. He set his feet on the floor and stood up. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

He looked around. His parents were still asleep. He decided not to wake them up.

James made his way into the kitchen. He decided to make some toast.

The minute he put the bread in the toaster, his head sunk into his chair and instantly, he fell asleep.

Out of nowhere, teh most delightful dream floated in James' head. He dreamed of pancakes with warm golden syrup dripping from them, and a huge plate of bacon and eggs. James was sitting down to this mouth-watering meal, when suddenly the dream halted.

James had woken up to the smell of burned toast....

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Wombat at the Vet

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Story behind this incompleted short story: We were asked to put ourselves into the shoes of a particular animal and try to describe the world we live in through their eyes. I chose to do a story about a wombat and his encounters with humans and human-made objects. However, I never got the chance to finish this story and now, after many years later, I have no recollection on how I was planning on continuing this story.....

.....How would you have ended this story?......

I was exploring the other side of the bush when I heard a loud, ear-piercing noise that made the galahs in the tree ahead fly off in panic. I turned around the corner to see what it could be.

A huge object whizzed past at such a speed I felt I was being blown away.

When the dust settled, I realised that right in front of me was a hard, black, stony object taht seemed to stretch for mmiles on end on either side. On the other side was another area of scrub.

I decided to cross this black, stony object to the other side.

No sooner had I made my way across, when a huge, black, fast-moving monster rushed at me.

I began to run, but the monster rolled past, squashing my foot.

All of a sudden, the gigantic thing stopped. It's side split open and a rather unusual creature, which walked on two legs, began to approach me. My leg was in pain. I wailed as the strange animal walked towards me.

Suddenly I was lifte up by the creature, who spoke very strangely, not in grunts like us wombats. It was high pitched, and too fast for my liking.

"Oh my," the animal inquired, "your leg looks really bad. I think we should take you to the vet."

The vet? What did he mean by that?

The creature had put me in a sort of barrier made of a soft, brown material. The monster's back was lifted up and I was put there to settle in the brown barrier thing.

Was this called the vet? Probably it was.

Once again, the monster's side split open, and the creature climbed in. A rumbling noise echoed through the object and it began to move.

A while later, it came to a halt.

"Here we are," the kind-hearted being crooned........

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Proposal

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Story behind this incompleted short story: We were studying King Arthur in 6th Grade and we were read one of the stories about King Arthur meeting a horrible loathly lady, who threatened destruction upon his kingdom if he was unable to answer the following riddle: "What is it that women most desire?" I don't remember the details, but for some reason, one of his knights was also supposed to marry this horrible loathly lady to prevent whatever danger was to befall King Arthur's kingdom, and Sir Gawain bravely volunteered to make the venture.

Our teacher left the story at there for another time, and asked us to write about what we think would have happened when Sir Gawain met the loathly lady for the first time. This is what I wrote, however, there is no ending to it. This is where YOU come in to it. I would like to know how YOU would have wrapped this story up. Please write your ending in the comments section.


The next morning King Arthur and his knights set out for the wood, with Sir Gawain at the front.

"I wonder what she looks like?" thought Sir Gawain. "How repulsive is she? Will she accept my proposasl? Does she really wear fine rings?"

These were teh words that squirmed about in Sir Gawain's mind. He was very anxious about meeting the loathly lady, his proposed bride.

Soon they came to the spot where King Arthur said they would meet the loathly lady. There she was, wearing a black cape this time, eyeing Sir Gawain with interest.

"So, this is the man that I'm to marry?" the lady asked.

"Yes," replied Arthur, "He'd been waiting for this moment."

Sir Gawain froze. His chin trembled. His eyes stared hard at the loathly lady, a cold and glassy-eyed stare.

Then something funny happened. Sir Gawain put his hands to his face and pulled off a mask, which revealed the face of a horrible loathly man!......

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How should I have ended this story?........

The posts which I will be coming shortly are short stories that I have started, but never got the chance to finish. The idea of posting these unfinished stories is so that we can all brainstorm and try and figure out how YOU would have ended these stories.....

Stay tuned! :-)